About Us

Why the Name?

Uproot /ʌpˈruːt/  means to pull a plant including its roots out of the ground. Since our first raw material was cassava, a very popular root vegetable and the our main join is to fight against plastic pollution; we stand here to uproot the system against single use plastic while using the best root to do so.

Our Mission

We are a social start-up that seeks to fulfill this growing boom of costumers demanding for better alternatives as we’re building the plastic-free future by turning plant-based materials into a replacement for single use plastic.


Our sustainability goals



Our Story

Friends and university classmates Doris Woitschach and Jessica Gonzalez, both originally from Paraguay, had the idea for UpRoot in 2021. Their journey started when they decided to do something impactful.

In their country that is known for its cassava, they got to work and researched and researched ways to upcycle this rich root vegetable, and that’s where, with the help of fellow classmate J.E. Lu, they found a way the right technology in Taiwan R.O.C. to developed UpRoot’s first product in line, a cassava starch-based straw.

With the urge to help and build a community that seeks to protect the earth, as they all strongly believe that the only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality of the environment, is to get everybody involved 

And today, UpRoot is here to provide solution to brands that want to go green and don’t know how.